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                   Local Living

                                                 Small Group Tours

It’s not a hotel.

It’s home.

You won’t stray too far from your lodgings on a Local Living trip, and once you’ve seen 'em, you won’t want to. Each trip is based out of a charming and unique residence steeped in local character. Unpack once, meet your host, and start getting the lay of the land.

Your trip,

your way.

Itineraries are as loose-fit and flexible as you are. Pursue the whim of the moment and really dig into the elements of your destination that drew you to it in the first place. We give you the setting, somewhere to stay, and all the options you want, you fill in the rest.

Don’t just visit. Inhabit.

Dine al fresco in San Gimignano on pasta you help make; hike the Path of the Gods on the Amalfi Coast; learn how to hunt with a blowgun in the Amazon; or live like a nomad on the remote Mongolian steppe. You’re a local now. Live accordingly.

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